Take a Look at our Equipment Lineup



2x Carvin DCM3800LX (FOH SUBS)

1X Peavey IPR2 (FOH Tops)



FOH (Front Of House)

4x Electro-Voice T251

2x Electro-Voice T252

2x QSC K12 

2x Electro-Voice ELX200-18SP (Powered)

2x Carvin TRx3218


Monitors (Stage)

2x Electro-Voice ZLX12P (Powered)

2x Electro-Voice ZLX15P (Powered)


Monitors (Studio)

2x Yamaha HS5

1x  Yamaha HS8S Sub

2x Tannoy Reveal 501A

2x Emerson 5inch


Mixing Console:

Behringer X32 32 Channel Digital Console

Behringer XR18 Air 16 Channel Digital Console

Behringer XTouch Automated Control Surface

Presounus StudioLive 24.4.2  24 Channel Digital Console

Pioneer DDJ-1000 Turn Table


Processing / other:

1x Furman PL-8C Power distribution w/lights

2x Carvin AC120S Power Conditioner

2x Monster Power Conditioner

1x Behringer Powerplay HS8000 V2 Headphone Amp

1x Art Pro Audio Pro MPA-II Preamp (Studio)

2x Behringer S16 Digital Snake

1x Behringer x8 Rack Direct Box

2x Apple AirPort Express

1x Rack-mount Custom built Lighting Computer

2x Apple MacBook Pro (used for live recording and Video Streaming)

1x Apple iMac (Used for Studio Recording)

1x Apple iPad Pro

and at the end of an event, it feels like a million miles worth of Cables.  :)




1x e945 (Vocal)

4x e935 (Vocal)

1x Wireless e835 (Vocal)

2x Lapel

2x e609 (Guitar)

4x e906 (Guitar)

3x e614 (Overhead)

4x e904 (Toms)

3x e815 (Vocal)



2x AT4033 (Studio Vocal)

2x AT3033 (Studio Vocal)



3x SM57 (Instrument)

5x SM58 (Vocal)

1x Wireless SM58 (Vocal)

2x Beta58 (Vocal)

1x Beta52A (Kick)


Joe Meek:

3x JM27 (Instrument)



1x Pro MONDO (Kick)



5KIT (Drums)



16x Talent PAR64 LED

16x UpLights/PAR64 DMX Wireless with Battery

10x Marq 102 Beam Moving Heads

6x  Marq 102 Wash Moving Heads

4x Marq DMX BlackLight LED

1x  ADJ Galaxen 3D LED

1x  ADJ FEQ5

1x  ADJ Haze2D

1x Pioneer DMX

1x Martin MPC

1x Martin M Touch



Used to Stream and capture Video of the Show.



4x Global Truss 9.7ft Triangle

3x Global Truss 8.2ft Triangle

7x Global Truss 11.5ft Triangle

1x Tarp for roof cut to size


Entire truss system setup measures 23ft deep x 27ft wide x 11ft height



22ft x 7.5ft Gooseneck Trailer with 16ft x 6ft Drum Riser extension *** Currently being Rebuilt ***

---New size 24ft X 24ft---