Sound and Lighting

Services We Provide:

* Live Sound Reinforcement

* Public Address (P.A.)

* Band/Event Mixing

* Lighting





* Festivals, Fairs, Concerts

* Corporate, Government

* Clubs, Bars, etc.

* Indoor / Outdoor

We want to Help Make your Event a Success!!!


Formed in 2006, our services accommodate those who need a sound system and/or lighting for their event, but do not need the Arena sound systems. We provide a cost effective and affordable sound and lighting solution.

Birchwood provides sound for bands and festivals of any kind of music...

Rock/Roll, Metal, Blues, Country, Jazz, Oldies...


We run touring grade equipment and customize the sound system for your event.

If you are looking for a cost effective sound and lighting solution for your event, we can help you!

Contact Us today for a quote.


And don't forget...! If you already have a sound system (analog or digital), but simply need someone to operate it for you, we offer this service as well.